Did You Know Certain Items Kill Your Intelligence?


Nutritionists keep coming up with some amazing facts every now and then! Different foods have different qualities. Some foods give you energy while some others give you pounds. Some stimulate your senses while others help you improve your digestion or memory. But did you ever know that there are some foods that can kill your intelligence? Astonishing it may sound, but it is true. So, may be you as the parents are to be blamed for your child low grades! Wondering what are those food items? Reports have proved that the following foods kill your power to take intelligent decisions:

  1. Sugar products: Till now you believed that having lots of sugary products are bad for your waistline or blood glucose level. But there is another effect of sugar that was still unknown to you. Long term consumption of sugar hampers your brain functions and declines your memory power.
  2. Junkā€¦

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