As promised I started the 3week : 3day challenge this morning! Yes as soon as I got up this morning it was down to business. I decided to split my workout up into sets:
• 25 sit ups
• 8 push ups
• 25 sit ups
• 8 push ups
• 25 sit ups
• 10 push ups
• 25 sit ups

REMEMBER!! You don’t have to do your daily workout routine all at the one time, you can break it up over your day as you please, this is just easier for me as the morning before work is the most time I have in the day! For example you could do 50 sit ups in the morning, 13 push ups at lunch, 50 sit ups at dinner and 13 push ups in the evening. Do what suits you best, you will still reap the same results! Designing your workout plan to suit your timetable is essential in order to help you stick to the plan and not miss a day!

Don’t forget to take the stairs at any chance you get today, that ELEVATOR IS YOUR ENEMY! 🙂 Lucky for me I work on the fifth floor of a very big building, all the more walking!

Get in those pints of lemon water too! They will leave you feeling energised , rejuvenated and it is a great alkaline booster, improves digestion, cleanses your liver, boosts your immune system, helping to fight infections and provides the body with antioxidants.

I was running a little late this morning with my new routine in place so may not of drank my morning pint of lemon water but there’s always the rest of the day to squeeze it in! Its never to late! If you haven’t started already you always can now! 🙂

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Love your skin!:)

Skin is important therefore we should look after it! You should make it routine to look after your skin and this 4 step process will help you keep your skin healthy and looking young!

Step 1: Cleanse

Buy a cleanser and use it at night before you go to bed to clean your pores and free your face from make-up and other dirt. There is no real need to cleanse in the morning as too much cleansing can also be bad for your skin.

If you have dryer skin use cleansers that are creamy and avoid alcohol-based cleansers. For oily skin clear cleanser will do.

Step 2: Tone

After your face is clean and dry, apply toner evenly across your face, be careful around eye area! Leave the toner on your face, it will return your skin pH to normal and kill any bacteria left on your face. If you have dry or sensitive skin buy a sensitive toner.

Step 3: Moisturise

When the toner has dried in your face will feel tight so now its time to moisturise. Apply a small bit of moisturiser and rub in using circular motions over your whole face. Moisturiser is essential for every skin type! It can come in many different types depending on what your requirements are so read the information on the moisturiser to get one to suit you!

Step 4:  Exfoliate

Once a week replace your cleanser with a exfoliator. Apply exfoliator and rub in using circular motions also. Use warm water and a wash cloth to clean the exfoliator off and remove dead skin cells.